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Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Satu artikel yang sangat baik untuk dibaca:

It is important to point out that the best realisation of discipline is via the establishment of a routine. You get up at 7am, go to school, come back home at 1pm, have lunch at 1.30pm, rest from 2pm to 3pm, do your homework at 3.15pm, and so on. That is discipline.

Establishing a routine is highly beneficial to both children and adults. I noticed a marked improvement in the performance of students who were brought from an uncontrolled environment to a disciplined one. This improvement occurred very rapidly, often within just a few days.

Having a proper routine to follow gives children a sense of security, control and accomplishment. Tasks are set and achieved within a determined period of time. It reaffirms the importance of preparation and increases the success rate.

Usually, we are successful because we keep at things. Some people might learn to swim by being thrown into the pool, but most will learn better with an instructor and practice.

Nowadays, routine is much discarded in favour of all the distractions. If a parent promises her child to be home by 6pm and then rings up to say that she will be late because of a meeting, this can be a great disappointment for the child.

I find it strange when parents say they spend "quality time" with their children. To me, there is only time. You are either there or you are not.

School and teachers can have considerable influence in disciplining a child, but the parents are the most important, because the child loves his parents more. If the child does not receive an equal amount of discipline at home as he does at school, it will be very difficult for the teachers to override the parents' behaviour.

If a parent loves his child, the child will love him, too. Except that discipline makes everything so much easier.

Marisa Demori, Kuala Lumpur

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